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  • Meet & Greet/Intake
    The meet & greet session/consult is required to ensure proper care of your pet(s). During this time, a detailed intake is completed to address behaviors, obtain home information and work with clients to ensure the right amount of visits are provided. It's also a good way for everyone to meet and be comfortable with each other, prior to confirming services. The initial meet & greet is complimentary. However, if you would like additional meet & greet/intake sessions, a $22 fee will be incurred.
  • Visits
    We use specific pet sitting software that provides our clients with detailed visit reports including GPS tracking. Pictures of your pets are always included. Clients have access to all of their information as well as previous communications, service requests, etc. Terms & conditions apply.
  • Policies
    For cats, we do require a once/day visit. For dogs, we require a minimum of three (3) 30-minute visits/day if you will not be utilizing overnight services. This not only is for the health & safety of the animal(s), but also to ensure your home is safe and secure. Clients will need to provide up-to-date vaccination records upon set-up and are required to complete our Emergency Authorization Form & online profile(s).
  • Payment
    A deposit of 25% is required for Overnight Pet Sitting and Extended Vacation Care Visits. Check-In/Walking Service payment is due in full at the time of reservation. Daily clients are billed on the 1st and 16th of every month. Payment is expected within 48-hours of the last service on the billing cycle. Late payment policies apply.
  • Cancellations
    A 24-hour notice is required to cancel any Check-In/Dog Walking services. Cancellations received within the 24-hour time frame will be charged 50% of the total estimated fee. Cancellations received on the day of service will be charged the entire fee. A 7-day notice is required to cancel any Overnight Pet Sitting/Extended Vacation Care Services. Cancellations received within the 7-day time frame will be charged 50% of the total estimated fee. Cancellations received within 48-hours of service start will be charged the entire fee.
  • Service Requests Outside of Windsor Area
    Requests for check-in/walking and/or pet sitting services outside of the Windsor, CO area will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If we are able to provide these requested services, additional mileage surcharges will apply.
  • Service Area
    Service Area
  • Job Sharing
    For the sake of keeping your routine on schedule, and for the safety & security of your pets and home, we do not job share in any capacity. This means no one else should be entering your home during service dates scheduled for the purpose of caring for your animals. Insurance & liability will be null and void if this policy is not followed. If other service individuals such as lawn maintenance or home cleaning are scheduled, please discuss this in advance. You may be required to sign a waiver of liability of other individuals will be in the home during time(s) of service.
  • What the Heck is a "Kraken"?"
    "Release the Kraken!" is a popular cult phrase from the 1981 movie, "Clash of the Titans". In it, the Kraken was a beast to be reckoned with. We eventually got to the point where we, as pet parents, would say "Watch out...I'm going to Release the Krakens!" prior to letting all our rescue dogs out. In our play on words, we use "Release the Krakens!" as a way to get your pets out on walk, have some fun & enjoy playing.
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